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Start now, don't wait till 2021😊

Is there something you’ve always wanted to start but for some reason you still haven’t begun? If there is then let me ask you something, what’s holding you back?
I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel showcasing about my art but for some reason I still haven’t started. Then I ask myself, what has been holding me back? At first, I couldn’t answer the question but as time passes by and there would be no days I wouldn’t reflect, I answered myself that I spend too much time thinking and preparing things but, in the end, I wouldn’t give it a go. It would just be aaaaaaiimminnggg but never firing. 
No man in an island. A person is never meant to be or to do things alone. I would share to my friends the things I am looking forward of doing and they would always remind me about it and when they would notice I wouldn’t do it; they would give me a little push. Sometimes all we need to start the things we are looking forward to, we would just need a push and a cheer. 
Looking to the person I was back in 2019, I would never imagine I would be the person I am now this 2020. From the person who plans things but ended up not doing it aka the biggest clownery, to pushing my self along with some help to slowly, slowly start putting things into actions. 
Back in December 2019, we all celebrated for the upcoming year of 2020. Who would’ve thought we celebrated for this shit. But despite all that has happened, we all have our glow up during quarantine and you might be thinking that it is too late to start now like its literally December but you know what, I thought so too so you’re not alone one that as I too am starting on December. 
If you’re looking a sign then here it is. Just give yourself a little push, we have your support to start something good and know that it’s never too late to start.