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Slow progress but same destination

Hiiiiii guys

This past few days, i am always thinking too much haha. My mind makes me feel anxious. It is because i am thinking whether to continue attending school for now while we are in a pandemic or stop attending then continue next school year. I'm in a dilemma.  

But while i was browsing my feed on my social media account. I red a post saying that "Even though it makes you feel anxious, don't rush things, go in your own pace and take things step by step, until you reach your own destination." so here it goes, i accepted my situation. I discussed my thoughts with my sister and my mom and of course i received advice from them. 

So now, i felt relieved and thanks to that post, my family and God... I can now breathe and takes things at my own pace. Thank you so much for lifting this overwhelming thoughts and anxiousness of mine. 

I hope you guys to take things at your own pace. Trust God, your family and your self! 

Have a nice evening everyoneeeee


  • Xianpxyjel
    Aug 15, 2020 17:16
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