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Six reasons why your power tool is self-consciousness.

If you were asked what your main strength is how likely would you say "self consciousness?" Although you are  self-conscious person, it's still not the first thing you'll think about.

The problem is that consciousness of self is so overlooked and most people don't even understand the importance of this characteristic.

Yet you know how invincible, you are if you are aware of your thoughts, motives and desires. It might be one of your biggest assets, but, sadly, so many people don't even know how unbelievable it is.

Well, self consciousness is the most important asset, because it allows you to realize what you are doing. You will get clearer on the different stuff and situations if you are aware of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and feelings.

Not only because you take your own strengths, weaknesses, attributes, intentions and aspirations into account, will you achieve a different standard of living. They can also help you achieve the ultimate goals, make wise choices, keep connections and cultivate inner peace.

Self-awareness is a strong weapon that helps you to use it everywhere in your life. There are six reasons why self-awareness is a vital part of your life.

1. Try to discover your strengths and weaknesses

You will understand your goals and beliefs with a person who is self-conscious. It will allow you to set your own boundaries, because no one will cross the line if you know what you want and can't do. With this vital instrument, you stop someone worrying for you unacceptably. And you won't be settled any less than you deserve.

2. You should know your feelings and they will help you to react wisely

An individual who knows himself allows you to take your priorities and values into account. It will encourage you to set your own limits, and if you know what you want or cannot do, nobody will cross the line. You stop anybody who worries about you unacceptably with this critical instrument. And nothing less than you deserve is going to be settled.

3. You get to know when you've got unkind feelings

When you are aware of your feelings, you can recognize the nasty thoughts. And if not, you can at least try to improve your mind. I know it can't always be optimistic (let's face it, but at least if you know why you feel negative, you must strive to give a positive impact to unfriendly and unpleasant feelings.

4. Respect your limits

You will understand your priorities and beliefs from a person who knows him/herself. It will help you to define your own boundaries and not allow others to cross the line, if you know what you want and what you can't. This vital instrument enables you to avoid someone taking care of you unacceptably. And nothing less will settle you next than you deserve.

5. You are aware of what you're doing.

You are consciously acting because you know your talents, limitations, properties, values, objectives and boundaries. In your words you are smarter and more deliberate on how to deal and respond to situations and people. In essence, all features in this blog post are used to help you through all your work.

6. For yourself you, will be more rational

As I said earlier, a person who is self-aware knows its features which enable him or her to be logical. If you were aware of its strengths and drawbacks, you could take a practical decision for yourself. You won't copy others or make unreal hopes. In this lifetime you will use your own skills to succeed.

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.” – E.E. Cummings

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