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Sister Love

Today my sister will be competing on a pageant and she has been doubting herself because it's her first time. Little did she know that we are seeing so much potential in her. I must admit she's prettier and more intelligent than me. Hahaha! 

Back when she was a child I would always see her do tiktok and musically which boosted her self confidence. She has the height, talent and brains which makes me believe that she can really do it. 

Last night she was crying because her co candidate bullied her for her appearance in the photoshoot but I told her to just prove them wrong. My sister is very precious to me and I dont want anyone belittling her. 

This is your day, grab the opportunity and make a memory that you will treasure forever. I also told her that giving up means regretting and for me regret is the most painful thing in the world because you cant take it back so just keep on fighting. Bring home the bacon sister! <3 


  • Kyungg
    Oct 28, 2020 22:53
    She's beautiful! Best of luck for your sisteršŸ’– She can make itāœŠ