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7 Side Hustles You Can Do At Home

The pandemic has all of us rattled and worried in all aspects of our lives - physical, mental, spiritual, and financial. A lot of people have been laid off from work and some, luckily, still have them but are faced with everyday problems of commuting to work and being exposed to the invisible culprit. 

But because we are in the modern world, most companies resorted to working remotely or working from home and it turned out to be an advantage to most.

Working from home means you get to spend shorter time preparing for work, no hassle in commuting, and earning at the comforts of your home. Some even ventured to other side hustles they can do along side their 9-5 jobs, giving them a chance to increase their income for savings and for expenditure.

Some of you may already know, some may only have vague knowledge, and some may have no clue at all but wanted to pursue another career. So here are the side hustle you can do online at your home, or anywhere.

1. Virtual Assistant
A lot of people are now into being a virtual assistant. There are a lot of employers in need of this, usually overseas in the  US or Australia. You just have to have the right platform to look for the job. Online platforms such as Upwork and Online Jobs Ph has these covered. A lot of employers there are actively seeking VAs who can help them in their work or business. Try to learn the workarounds of being a virtual assistant - either a general VA or with specifics such as Amazon VA - and you just might land on your first job. Mind you, it pays well.

2. Blogging
For writers out there, or aspiring writers, this could be a fun source of earning. Creating a story or an article and posting it online and gaining subscribers or followers can help you get the right amount of views that can help you generate a stream of steady passive income. Although this may not be a walk in the park, as long as you have passion for what you do, there will always be people who would love to hear, or read for this matter, your thoughts or work. Just make sure to use the right keywords to attract traffic on your blog and to gain views, and be able to include ads on your site to earn. There are a lot of sources you can find online that can help you in gaining traffic on your site and ways to apply for adsense to earn. A good site to start your blog is at Wordpress.

3. Surveys
This is one of the easiest and not so easy source of income you can get. Easiest in the sense that you basically only need to answer based on what you know for yourself. There is no need for certain knowledge to be able to earn. Although the down side of this is that you have to be quick in getting those surveys as a lot are also into this kind of side hustle. Once the number of answers are reached, you can no longer enter the survey to earn. One survey site you can visit is TimeBucks.

4. Online Tutoring Jobs
Being an online tutor is one of the ways you can also earn income. This would require you to have knowledge of what you are applying for. The most common tutoring job online is to be an English teacher. You apply under a company and they will provide you with the classes as well as the lesson plan that you teach for the day. There are also some online tutoring jobs that will not require you to show yourself or have a face to face lesson with your student. There are jobs that would only require you to help a student through writing. The student posts a question and you answer them in a way as if you are actually teaching them and having a conversation with them. To be able to apply at this job, you would need to submit requirement and credentials for them to know if you are really fit for the job. Try out 51Talks or Acadsoc for English tutorial jobs or CourseHero and Studypool for tutorial jobs that does not need an actual face to face. These jobs however, are not only concentrated to english but a lot of subjects and their target students are usually at college level so a good credential is needed to get accepted.

5. Transcription Jobs
This type of side hustle would require you to have good attention to detail and knowledge of the English grammar. As this is a transcription job, your task is to convert audio files to word, considering you are converting them with correct grammar, capitalizations, and punctuations. Also don't forget to put into consideration that there are rules that must be met that are set by the client - deadlines and transcription rules - whether you type the word "one" or "1" when you hear it in the audio file or include filler words such as "uhm" or any stutter or keep a clean file. Yes there are transcription guidelines for every client. Try Rev for these type of job or if you are from the Philippines, you can try 3PlayMedia. Also remember that to be able to work this job, they would provide you with test to see if you really fit the job.

6. Affiliate Marketing
Promoting products online can also be a source of income. You buy a product, create a review and post it online for people to read and hope they would be encourage to want to buy and try the product for themselves. Every click of the link of your product will generate you income and more if they buy it through your link. To be able to be accepted as an affiliate marketer, you must be able to have quite a following, usually around 1000 followers, so the company accepts you to be an effective endorser of their product. Also, you must have a good convincing power to make them want to buy that product as well.

7. Dropshipping
Among all the side hustles that I have mentioned, this might be the one that would require you to shell out a minimum capital to start (for your website). The dropshipping business has been very popular for those wanting to earn a hefty amount of money. But this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Dropshipping is a very convenient business. You sell products without having the actual product and earning from it. You also don't have to worry about packaging and shipping since the product is with the supplier and they will ship it for you. Building a dropshipping business requires time, effort, and hardwork. To be able to launch your dropshipping store online, you must prepare and plan for it. Some dropshipping business thrives successfully and some don't but the key to earning here is to research the best product and never give up. Also, one important key is to be able to promote your product by using ads. Once you have built your dropshipping store, know that the hard part is over. The next thing you need to do is launch the site and wait for orders and fill them up. A dropshipping site you can start your business is through Shopify. They have a 14-day free trial and afterwards you are to pay for the site usage depending on the plan you use. Try to get a feel of the site and use the free trial. Anyway, you are free to cancel anytime. 

So here are a few side hustles you can do at home to earn that extra income. I hope somehow I have provided knowledge on what these are and that it interested you in trying these out. They are legit income earning jobs that can help you with your savings or your shopping!

Happy earning!