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Sensodyne! The toothpaste brand that helps to fight cavity! If you think that I’m advertising this product well, a little bit. But I’m imagining can this product also helps to fight sensitivity? Uhmm want to try it!

Have you encountered an emotionless person? Having no care about the world’s situation, ignoring everything around even there’s someone dying in front of him? Hoping there’s none like him. How about a sensitive person? Who easily gets irritated when the world’s attention is not focus on him or someone ignored him or doesn’t have care about him? Well, also hoping there’s none like him. But terrifying reality, many of them already exist in this world.

Some of the people, they said to themselves that they are sensitive, so don’t ever do a wrong moves or else you will be bitten. Rawwr! 

Anyways, if you are truly a sensitive person, you definitely have high consciousness to your thoughts, words and deeds, not only to your emotions, right? But, a reverse truth is this: sometimes you classified yourself as a ‘sensitive person’ because every time there’s someone said to you “you’re like...” “I don’t like your...”  “I hate...” you’re not...” you feel sad –dumb case, be mad in the whole world. And that’s the starting point you will think only for your own sake and express unusual actions, says sarcastic words and most, value your own feelings. 

But I tell you, if you classify yourself as ‘sensitive’ a slap certainty you’re really not! Cause definitely you are an ‘insensitive person.’ How? Because no matter what the people around you said, you ignored it coz’ you think you are sensitive and you don’t want to listen to anything you don’t want to hear and be hurt. You are insensitive! Second, whatever effort did someone do, you didn’t appreciated it coz’ you think you are sensitive. Only your actions, time and effort must be appreciated. Sarcastically you hate rejection! You don’t want to be rejected yet you do it to others (be reminded on the golden rules.) And last but not as always for least, when people express their feelings to you, you irritably didn’t notice it! coz’ you are insensitive! You want others to value your feelings and praise you but, other feelings you don’t know how to value. You’re absolutely an ‘Insensitive slash selfish person!’

So now I’ll ask you, are you sensitive? Uhmm Hoping you’re not emotionless. 

When your teeth now have so many cavities, try to use sensodyne. But if you are now too insensitive just try to process in your mind my “senseoh’dann” product! And you will be sensible enough.  Just make it sense!  Be mindful to all the decisions you will made, words you will speak and action you will do! Hoping you are not sensitive nor emotionless person. 	
-ate dann miss you.