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Hannah Isabel

Self Love

Hi there! I go by the nickname Aslan and I am here to tell you that YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE! It’s good that I am able to discover this site because not only will I help people but I will also have someone to share my experience too. I want you to know that you are so much more than the negative comments that people throw you, you are not ugly, fat, thin, etc. I know saying that inner beauty is whats important will not make everyone feel okay instantly because there are insecurities. I want to say that yes inner beauty is important but whats more important is self love. Don’t let the negativities get to you, strangers’ opinions shouldn’t matter because they’re not even part of your life so why listen to them and let them bring you down. I know myself that this is not easy but I wanna share things that helped me achieve the self love I deserve; first look at the mirror, second; say 5 positive things to yourself, like “You are so beautiful”, “you are strong” etc, and lastly be kind to yourself.