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Agatha De Borja

Sakura Will Bloom Earlier Than Usual This Year In Japan

     According to the Japan Meteorological Corporation, it is expected to bloom in Tokyo on March 23 which is three days ahead of its expected schedule. According to the report, the lovely pink petals could possibly reach the highest peak bloom around March 31. A day after Tokyo, Hiroshima may turn magical by the sakura three days sooner than its usual date. Kyoto looks forward to seeing these pretty flowers on the 27th. Osaka is foreseen to do so on the 28th. As for Sapporo, they may start to appear on May 3.

     When it's blooming, you can enjoy the feeling of hanami or "flower viewing" by taking this virtual tour by Google Earth.

Source: https://philstarlife.com/living/256837-sakura-japan?page=2
Photo Credit: John-Mark Smith