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Romcom Anime that You Should Watch by Anime Feels

Konnichiwa! It’s Anime Feels again. Today, I would like to talk about my favorite romcom anime that I recommended to you, this is worth it! You should watch it. Let’s start!

4. Hyouka
-This anime has a 24 episodes. It’s worth it, it’s funny and someway it’s kinda romantic, if you’re looking for mystery with romcom. I recommended this anime. 

3. Kaguya-sama: Love is War
-This anime is so great! I love the characters and animation. It has now 2 seasons, and the third season will be releasing 2021. You should guys try this. A perfect romcom anime.

2. Kimi ni Todoke
-This anime is so cute!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, a story of two shy people, who in-love with each other.
It has 2 seasons. 

1. Maid sama
-This is one of the best anime for me. I love the entire anime. If you’re looking for romcom anime this is the most I recommended to you! Watch it now! I won’t spoiled anything. 

Okay, that’s it! Thank youuu for reading my article. If you have any suggestions please do message us! Thank youuu sayonara! 


  • Jaerieee
    Nov 03, 2020 09:38
    I’ll watch Hyouka and Kaguya-sama: Love is War soon