• Good News


road to happiness

Hello everyone! I hope this week has been great for you. 

Last Monday, I started working out and progress towards my goal body. I realized that no one will do it for me, and I have to get up and get to where I want to be. Another reason is that I needed an outlet to release all the tension in my body! Exercise releases endorphins which reduces stress. I personally thought before that exercise was a hassle, but now that I look at it differently, it feels like a way of self-care.. which it actually is. Not only does it help how you look and feel confident about yourself, it’s another outlet to release all the stressors especially during these trying times. I aim to reach 10k steps daily, and when the weather isn’t looking great, I look for a YouTube video to follow that I enjoy doing. In this way, I get to enjoy the music I love while easing up my mind!

Happiness is a process, and like what people say—trust the process.

Happy Sunday! 🤍