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Charly Verg

Redirection not Rejection

Wedding gown ready, church, venue, flowers, everything. We were just few weeks away from what supposed to be the happiest day of our lives - to finally be able to walk down the isle and celebrate our love with the people who matter to us - when COVID-19 happened and Malacañang unfortunately declared the lockdown in Manila, to arrest the spread of the virus.

At first we were still hopeful, we were still holding on to the idea that we can still make it. It will still happen. But the situation got even more chaotic that we had to finally announce the postponement of our church wedding.

We didn’t know what to feel. To me, it was too painful that I couldn’t cry. We felt like we were rejected; we were snatched with that one thing that we really prayed for, for the longest time. Worst was that I couldn’t open up to anyone because I felt like our emotions were invalid. You know, if people around the world are dying because of the global pandemic, what rights do we have to complain about our situation? The pain was unimaginable.

And that was when we realized that there is this one being whom we can lift up everything, share our every thought without being judged, the only one whose plans are way better than ours and will always give us our heart’s desires when the time is right. There’s this Man from up above.

And slowly we were able to get back on track, we decided to have a Civil Wedding for now and on that day I was crying so hard not because it wasn’t the wedding setup that I hoped for, but because i didn’t know that weddings can be that relaxed, peaceful, pure and everything was really just about the two of us. Add the fact that the whole experience just even more revealed how pure my husband’s heart is.

We may be rejected of something that we always wanted, but what we’ve been through redirected us to some of the things that truly matter in this lifetime - faith, patience, love, knowing who are true to us, the essence of wedding and marriage and letting go of what we want to get what we need - on our own terms, at our own pace.

To any of you who’s wedding plans or all any other plans were also greatly affected by the current global situation, have faith and remember that your emotions are valid - talk to those whom you feel comfortable to share your thoughts with. And trust the Lord when he said that when the time is right, he will make it happen. It will still happen. Hang on tight. ♥️