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Reasons why we should eat Orange fruit

     When we heard orange fruit, What comes to your mind?. We can say "maasim or matamis" but what we can't tell instantly is "it has a benefits to our body", because we don't know the basic benefits of an orange fruit. Here is some benefits of an orange fruit.

1. Orange juice helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Given its high levels of vitamins and minerals, orange juice is a great nutritional source as well as a "detox" drink. The beta-carotene in orange juice can help prevent cell damage within the body.

2. Orange juice helps to maintain hydration. One medium orange provides four ounces (or a half cup) of water. Roughly 60-70% of the human body is made of water, and it’s required for every bodily process. According to the Institute of Medicine, women 19 and over need 2.7 liters of total fluid per day (about 11 8-oz cups) and men need 3.7 (about 15 8-oz cups). But that’s total fluid, not just beverages. Foods can provide 20% of your daily fluid needs, and water-rich foods like oranges contribute even more to the daily requirement. Consuming enough daily fluid helps support mental and physical energy, improve circulation, optimize organ function, flush out waste, and maximize metabolism. But you should enjoy them in moderation. "Eating too many oranges has some uncomfortable side effects,". When [oranges are] eaten in excess, the greater fiber content can affect digestion, causing abdominal cramps, and could also lead to diarrhea.

3. Orange peel are rich in fiber. Orange peels are not poisonous, and as many cooks know, orange zest can pack a big flavor punch. But although orange peels are edible, they are not nearly as sweet or as juicy as the pulp. They can also be difficult to digest, and unless you're eating a peel from an organic orange, it could be covered in chemicals.

If you do eat the peel, you'll get a good amount of nutrients. Additionally, orange peels contain calcium, several B vitamins, and vitamins A and C. You can get the same nutrients by eating the inner part of the peel and leaving the tough outer part. 

The pith of the orange — the white part between the skin and fruit — can be sour or bitter but actually contains just as much vitamin C as the fruit itself, with a good deal of fiber.

4. Orange seed can strengthens the weak digestive system. There is a myth that swallowing orange seeds can be harmful and result is some serious diseases. But swallowing orange seeds are not harmful. In fact, when you swallow orange seeds, they will come out as is when you defecate. However, when you chew them, which give a bitter taste, it definitely adds fibre to your diet.

•	The seeds of oranges are small and hard to break. It is believed that just like oranges, its seeds are also rich in vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that keeps our metabolism high.
•	There are more benefits of consuming (chewing) orange seeds. It is very uncommonly known that orange seeds help to strengthen our body and make it active. Due to its antioxidant properties, it prevents the general weakness and laziness in our body.
•	Eating oranges (and its seeds) can be quite beneficial. It also helps to cure stomach problems, strengthens the weak digestive system and accelerates the secretion of digestive juices. 

5. Orange leaves as tea. Making a good herbal tea from orange tree leaves is quite easy. Bring some good quality leaves and rinse them in boiling water. Wait for a few minutes so that the color of the water turns a little bit green. Once the color is changed then turn off the heat and strain the water in a pot.
•	Anti-Oxidant
Ferrous is one of the elements present in leaves as an anti-oxidant, it helps in avoiding the free radical effect from the body.It is very helpful for people experiencing air pollution on a daily basis. The tea made up of orange tree leaves is one of the best natural anti-oxidant agents.
•	Anti-Aging
Aging is a natural phenomenon that everybody has to go through, but the modern environment contains a lot of stress and tension on a daily basis which leads to visible early aging. Anti-oxidants are considered a good natural way of avoiding early aging phenomena. It helps in bringing a younger appearance by avoiding wrinkles and fine lines. What is better treatment of anti-aging you can have other than a simple cup of tea?
•	Healthy heart
A healthy heart is necessary for a healthy body and it becomes difficult to maintain a healthy body with growing age. The chances of heart-related diseases to catch your heart is on the higher side at old ages. The tea helps in avoiding any type of cardiovascular disease. This helps in the reduced probability of heart attack and keeps heart healthy.
•	Manage blood pressure
The presence of potassium in the leaves is very helpful in maintaining blood pressure. Higher the potassium level in the body higher the blood pressure is, lower the potassium level lower is blood pressure.The tea also helps in maintaining the blood pressure level, very helpful for the patients of hypertension.
•	Fasten metabolic rates
Daily consumption helps in maintaining energy level and improves the nutrient absorption capacity of the body, as a result, faster metabolic rates.

No wonder that oranges are one of the most popular fruits in the world. Vitamin C supplements do not provide as much protective benefits as drinking a glass of orange juice. Orange is well known for its medicinal and nutritional properties all over the world. Its plant parts like peel, flower, fruit and juice are used as a traditional medicine.