• Good News

Reading Break!

How is y'all coping up with online class? Well, here's mine.

It's been almost two months since our online class started. I'll be honest that it has never been easy from the start. I always get tired every day of reading modules posted on gclassroom and making requirements (usually papers or exercises) before the deadline. Sometimes, I cannot contain the courage needed for me to finish one task and ended up having backlogs.

This week is our reading break. But I cannot feel that it's really a break since there are lot of things happening lately. I was horribly worried the other day when TC Rolly devastated our province. I've been away from my family now and it really sucks being far from them when that time happened. I'm just hoping everything will be alright soon.

I run out of ideas and I need to finish my remaining requirements before this week ends. See, I'm not really enjoying this break. šŸ˜‚