• Personal Stories

Maydie Sney

Questions Throughout My Overseas Life

Why did I decide to leave?
I decided to leave my job  because of the following:
1. for professional development
2. sweet escape from the struggles

Why am I still here?
1. grace of God
2. I chose not to leave because I enjoy the life here - I enjoy the work and Church.

Who are the people I value and need to spend time with despite living apart?
1. my partner
2.my favourite friends
3. my family

Am I becoming a stranger to my family and friends?
With friends, I think it's a yes. We are not connected like we used to. I have this attitude that when I'm far away with friends, I get shy of talking to them. But I don't know, probably when we see each other again our relationship will be like before. 

With family, I'm good with them. Family issues were there but I can manage. 

Am I closer to reaching my goals?
I just let God work on me for this case. I just enjoy my job, serving the church, and my solitude.

When do I plan to come home?
When I'm emotionally and financially ready to have my own family.

What kind of life do I want for myself after my overseas journey?
A life wherein I can apply the learnings I had in my overseas life. A better life for me and for my family.

Am I happy?
Yes. Sometimes it comes with sadness  because it's a part of happiness!