• Personal Stories

Charly Verg


I have been writing personal blogs since high school. Putting all my experiences and memories – good and bad – into words, for me, is the most satisfying way to clear up some space in my head every night before I hit the sheets. But then after college, when adulting kicked in, I never really had the chance to write regularly like how I used to, because swerving every bump that comes with being an adult, was never an easy task for an independent woman who’s trying to juggle everything on her hands. Until COVID-19 happened; and all the crazy things and paradigm shifts that we all have been enduring up to this day. When the world almost shut down and everything was put on hiatus – that’s when I finally had the chance to get back to the craft I love.

Writing personal blogs during the quarantine has helped me keep my sanity, in the deepest sense of that statement. My blog spot became my comfort zone for all the thoughts and feelings that I’ve been bottling up while being the strong person for my family and friends, who have been living in so much fear and worries since the pandemic has started. I’m so glad that I was able to go back to this thing that I love doing since younger days, and it’s comforting to know that I have a safe platform where I can let out everything without causing harm to anyone during this hard times. Also, when I write articles, that is when I am being reminded that I am still normal (LOL), that I am still capable of thinking through things and that my mental health is still OK, because I can still write entries which may sound vulnerable, but still aim to spread positivity online. 

Bottom line is that, COVID-19 and the quarantine season may have brought us all the horrors in life (and a postponed church wedding in my case, ugh!) but let’s not forget that it has also helped us realize and discover things and activities that we now enjoy, and help us not to cross that tiny boundary between sanity and the opposite; the things that we might never even try or find time to do when the world was still ‘normal’.