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Power of Love, Touch by Touch #LOVEISALLYOUNEED

Love is more than just a feeling. Love is action that can be shown in many different ways. Like an art, it can be drawn, performed, crafted, danced with, and sang. Like a gift, it comes in different wrappers, labeled to different special recipients. It comes in different sizes, big and small. Yet, the thoughts are still there. 

Valentines give opportunities to many lovers, to show their affection of love. Mostly, they come in surprises, little efforts, gifts of flower bouquet, chocolates, and jewelries. And sometimes, in an old fashioned letter. A novel length message of appreciation, an endearing poetries.They can also be in creative presentations. A dance number. A serenade song. All of these are ways we can show our love in this very special occasion, the special day of our hearts.

However, showing love isn't just for Valentine. Heart's day is actually an everyday occasion. I know, you know.
In the gospel on Valentine's day, the narrative recalls how Jesus healed a humble leper with His touch. It was not just simple touch, but also not a magical touch. Simply, it was Jesus' touch of love that cured the leper.

With this, we are reminded that the affection of love can comes from the simplest action. A touch. And a touch of true love, can cure. Like how fairytales tell a true kiss can turn back a frog to a prince, the touch of true love of Jesus can cure a hopeless leper.

And this humble leper, who asked the healing from Christ pronounced His great deed. For in love, we are invited to give back, to spread the love like how the leper spread the good news. Love is also not demanded, it is asked in our most humble being. And if it is asked from us, who are to not give a little piece of what we have, or even bigger one wholeheartedly.

In the bible, it says, love is kind. It's true for love is even indeed the synonym for all the good things on earth. To love is to care. To love is to give. To love is to share. To love is forgive. To love is to have a compassionate heart.

Love gives comfort. Love gives value. Love highlights our worth. Love leads to fulfilled hearts. Love provides happiness.

Love is too precious, it is beautiful. It is amazing. It is wonderful.

Love is like an air. Everyone needs love. It needs to circulate everywhere.

Love is not envy. It's not neglecting. Not prideful.

Love don't have a price. Everyone can give love, if they are just willing too. If you're selfish for love, then you're missing a lot in your life.

If you think love is complicated, then you probably lack on smiling to people around you cause love is easy as one, two, three. Since love can be shown thru a simple smile, how can love be complicated? Even love itself comes in simple number combinations of one, four, three.

If you think you're still finding for love, then you're probably not looking enough. Because love is everywhere, even when you look in the mirror. Love is in the very front of you!

You are lovely! You are loved! You are worth of love! And for sure, can also be a giver of love. What are you still thinking of? doubting of? 

The power of love have been shown by Jesus thru just a simple touch. Now have been your time. Go and give love all around the world. Smile sincerely. Hug tightly. Use kind words.

Live with love, cause the major ingredient of happiness is love. In this cruel world, when we think we're consumed by hopelessness, all we need is love. A dark world can be sparked alight again with the power of Love.