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Positive outcomes of watching documentaries.

          Does watching documentaries have a positive outcome? The answer is a big yes and it depends on what topic does the documentary has. So what are the types of documentaries that you can get a lot of positive outcome?


          So what are the positive outcome of watching Historical documentaries? Upon watching Historical documentaries, I've learn a lot of things that I've never heard before. I know all of us are wondering about the history of our country or about something that we've always wanted to know but unfortunately, no one in our neighbor knows about it. Good thing that there's a researchers who dig deep on the internet and did a lot of things to serve us a very satisfying information that we can learn from. And that's how we can learn upon watching Historical documentaries.


          So all of us loves eating food, but what are the positive outcome of watching a documentaries about food? Upon watching documentaries about food you may learn about something that you're always seeing around your neighborhood but you didn't know how healthy or delicious it was. You may also learn about something that has an awful look can also be a good and delicious once it was being served by those who know exactly on how to cook and serve it. You can also learn on how to serve different kinds of food that you've never know. So watching food documentaries is really good for those who loves to eat and especially to those who love to cook.


          Some of us may not consider watching this kind of documentary as helpful especially to those who has a phobia into this kind of topic. But based on my experience. It develops something to me that is allowing me to think critically and it makes me solved something as fast as I could unlike before that I'm having a trouble to solve something. 

          So that's the types of documentaries that I've been watching and I know to myself that I've learn a lot of things because of watching those documentaries. If you have any suggestions please comment down and let's learn together. 

          Again thank you for reading my article. And that's it for now.



  • Thef Rose
    Oct 10, 2020 14:05
    Food documentaries really are the best for me hahah
  • Eduard
    Oct 10, 2020 14:02
    Crime and investigative documentaries give me so much anxiety. Thats why Im not into it.
  • Eduard
    Oct 10, 2020 14:00
    I love also food documentaries makes me crave everytime I encounter one.