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Photography is heART #InspireYourHeartWithArt

Art is everywhere and found in almost everything. Each piece of art has reasons and a different background story as to where and why it came about.

Even the word "Art" itself inspires me in my everyday life.
I love nature, paintings, drawing, music, and photography.

But today, I will share with you my passion for Photography and how it inspires me. 
A passion that brings out the artist in me. Finding simple beauty in nature, something, or someone that most people don’t seem to recognize before I click the shutter button of my camera, helps me lessen negative energy like sadness or stress. Moreover, by capturing photos, I can help people treasure their memories and keeping them alive.
It started when I studied Graphic Arts and Printing at the Technological University of the Philippines, Manila. Develops my skill in YKL Color Inc, and together with the teachings of the distinguished humble portraitist, Sir Ibarra Deri.
These days, photography is considered a visual art form as valid as any other. In my opinion, as a photographer, what makes photography a part of art is the imagination, creative expression, keen eye, dedication, and time that we pour into our masterpiece.
It captures genuine emotions. A work of art that anyone would want to exhibit in a gallery and make them feel special. 
As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words." 

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