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#MYFIRSTJOB Passion vs Practicability

Year 2017, a year after I graduate and passed my board exam, I was having a dilemma on what to choose passion or practicability? A job where my passion is and I know Im good at but has low salary and I will be move to another province or a job with the double the salary I will be earning. I have this notion that your first job will set the wheel for my future.  The passion one was offered to me from a humanitarian organization that I am volunteering in since high school and the practicability is I applied for it passed two exams and 2 interviews. Everyone has been telling me to choose the latter cause for obvious reasons. I prayed and discerned. This time I wanted to be brave enough to choose for myself. To firmly decide on something that excites me. On something that I know whatever will be I can be happy whatever the results will be...i chose my passion as #MYFIRSTJOB


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