• Good News


Pandemic pause some dreams.

As the pandemic starts, people around the world got scared, loss jobs, loss money and loss faith. Some people die when they hit by the virus, some family losses their love ones but one good thing is that, we are still alive and continuing fighting for our lives to surpass this pandemic that has been devastating and breaking our dreams.

A lot of people now are lacking of money by means that their children had to stop as the school has been starting to open or had been started. But for some that is in mid class family like me, struggling the needs of money to pay for my school's payment for me to not stop.

I know that there are a lot of people now who push to study even in a painful time having lack of money to produce but for some reason they don't want to stop and waste time that they should be studying. They had no choice because time is so important to them they don't want to be left behind by others, but in reality there are a lot of people that are left behind by this pandemic, many students are crying 'cause they have no money to enroll, their mother crying too. But what they do is pray, pray that this pandemic will end very soon so that they can chase the time that they have lost. 

I do say that whatever you are now, whatever your status is. You are a blessing, don't let this pandemic stops you from chasing your dreams, only time flies but your dream is still there, you just need to wait for the perfect timing that God will grant you as long as you believed on him. If you stop now don't worry this is not a race this is timing. We all have different timings, we just need to work and wait for it. God loves us all who believe in him. Be strong !!!