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"How did you even get by in that job?". 

Way back in 2018, after graduating college, I used to work at a tutorial school. I was unfortunate to have a decent job that time and I was reviewing for my Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) in that same year. Worst, my family was struggling financially, too due to Boracay's closure-- a big loss of income for every Aklanon.

I strived everyday to go to work where I got paid P45 every class, but basically each teacher only got one or two students a day. Hence, in that amount of money, I pay half of it for fare. Then, what's left was for my food budget. Therefore, there we're times I just woke up as early as possible and walked the distance. There were also times I cried on the streets, I mean, several times. 

"How did you get by in that job", my friends said. Well, it's because it doesn't mean that when someone has a bad job, he/she hates the people there, too. My colleagues were great and true. They had helped me survive those days around our toxic manager, low pay, and too much work. 

Looking back at it now, I'm still grateful for those were the times I grasped the importance of saving money; of proceeding life after college; of being prepared for reality and adulthood; and of giving importance to your status, job, and experience because those are imminent factors to build yourself up in life.


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