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Online platforms where you can sell your product

In the Philippines, e-commerce is booming, and it' is easy to see why many Filipinos want to set-up an online selling business.

Naturally, the Philippines is an overwhelming supporter of online shopping and look like will be for years to come, which the number of online shopping sites has grown.

These are the top web platforms lobbied by online shopping owners in the Philippines.

1. Shopee

Shopee from Singapore has grown tremendously when it comes  to the user base and is now quite popular with Lazada.

The shop sell a range of fresh and pre-loved items, making it a popular e-commerce site for those people who make their home and wardrobe "Marie Kondo-ing" and want to earn cash from their pre-loved items.

2. Lazada

Who isn't aware of this shopping portal? Lazada is probably the best friend of any Filipina housewife.

It's one of the largest sites in the country to raise a trend in e-commerce. It has everything you would ever want.

Check out Lazada if you are lying in your bed and think about something that you like.

3. OLX/Carousell

With the famous slogan "Ibanta na yan!" OLX, which was one of the famous sites in buys and sells here in the Philippines.

OLX recently joined Carousell, another Singapore-based popular online marketplace.

All of the listings that you will see on OLX before having migrated into Carousell.

4. Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace had launched in the Philippines early last 2018, which allowed online shoppers to search for items without leaving their social networking site.

And with the large Facebook user base, online sales platform has quickly become very popular.

5. Google Shopping

Is a Google tool that enables customers in various retailers to browse, compare or shop for their physical goods to promote their products. This is also regarded as a shopping engine for reference. The results of Google Shopping show up as pictures that show the retailer price for each of the product.

6. Good Info Net

Is a digital forum for entrepreneurs to share their experiences in a positive environment and provide business resources for transitions online. Good Info Net provides these resources free of charge from company websites, marketing support, inventory management tools and appointments management.

It aims primarily to target small and online businesses that pursue tools and services that can enable them to undertake their business journey.

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