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Iggy Dasigan

Online Platform of Learning

I have been struggling teaching my students through modular distance learning. I received number of questions from my students, text messages, chats, even written-letter. For several times, I have to explain all over again and again what's in the module. Yet, there's always a complain of not getting the lesson.
I can't blame my students, learning requires teaching and the most effective teaching method is through explaining personally by teacher what the lesson is all about. So, I here I come to the point that I have to strategize everything for my students.
I created a Facebook page, and YouTube channel where I can post my self-recorded lesson videos and write-ups so my students can access what's in the lesson. I want to give emphasis that is not about the ONLINE issue because it's downloadable. Students who have access on internet can share this to other students who have no capability to do so.
I wish everyone had the best way to seek for education!
Let's learn together!

Happy Learning!


  • Kyungg
    Jan 30, 2021 22:14
    Good for you Sir:) What year level do you teach? Coz I'm a college student. šŸ˜…