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One Time We Dined-In... #SUPPORTLOCAL

     I remembered how we managed to fall in a very long line and finally made our order in the counter. It was our usual "unwind weekend"  since  the weekdays were definitely a torture for us, as always. We're on separate companies complying on our on the job trainings, we're always tired and drained, plus the fact that we are also working on our daily log in narrative reports and other projects. My friends and I mostly have the chance to only gather on sundays because of the obvious busy schedule. I wasn't really on the mood that time. Probably because of stress. 

   What just diverted my mood was when I noticed the family beside me eating. They were koreans. But guess where are we? We're in Mang Inasal! Yes, our very known local restaurant with the distinctive Filipino cuisine concept and  also famous for their Filipino-style barbecue specialty. It was a rare yet somehow an awesome scene in my opinion, cause they're just staying quiet on their table enjoying the local food while blending with the lively and noisy Filipino customers.  A sense of pride had aroused in me. There are many other neighboring restaurants but they chose Mang Inasal. The line was even very long that time, for sure they've struggled too like us but it didn't change their mind to choose other place to eat. Maybe for some, that was not something big deal. But for me, that was the time I've appreciate more our local products and services. The scene was just one of the many example how our country, Philippines, has something very special in it which can genuinely capture someone's heart.

    It was what many Filipinos fail to see nowadays that they tend to look up to imported products more than the one that was made by their fellow Filipinos. Most of the time, we tend to underestimate our own because of comparing it with the bigger countries who used to set the trends. Filipinos seem to love chasing the  the foreign shiny object, but what they couldn't see is that the diamond is just here in our own motherland. A diamond that we just need to appreciate first in order to truly shine. 

    Later on, while I am eating and having fun with my friends, I also start observing the surroundings. I am very happy with how Mang Inasal have confidently pushed with the agenda of having the restaurant to be " very Pinoy". My friends and I always love to hang out at the restaurant whenever we have the opportunity, which I realized, is not just because of it's unli-rice or how we slightly abuses their chicken oil, but because of the comfort we found in it. It is how its "native vibe" is very accommodating.

     It makes you feel more belonged when you're consuming something native, and being with people you are align with, your distinct race. With people that share the same culture as you. In a place where you can freely eat with your hands and still be proud! You can even joke around with the crews with some " Filipino humours", while you're already on your third or fourth extra rice. Just like my friend. (You thought it's me right?) It was more than a sense of territory. I believe we don't feel good because we're like in our comfort zone. We feel good because it arouses our sense of identity. It is like how we feel proud for our local products, cause as a Filipino, we took part on its identity's behalf.

   For this matter, Filipinos should promote more what was produced on our own. Not that it will only help to boost the economy, but also it will establish more our nation's identity and acknowledge the efforts of our fellow Filipino citizens. However, supporting local doesn't only mean buying and promoting our own product and services. It doesn't also mean banning  the foreign products in the country. Embracing some foreign products are inevitable for we are also part of the globalizing world. We are part of the big "give and take" relationship with other countries. Plus supporting local also means being an honest and responsible citizen. Be honest by not taking advantage of our fellow countrymen who's working hard for their businesses. Be responsible,as for example is by simply throwing your trash in the right disposal area so that you can help our hardworking local street sweepers. Supporting local also means supporting our local workers on different industries who are running this country and making it better. Supporting local isn't just loving a certain product, or a shop, or a brand. Supporting local also means embracing and appreciating the whole nation. It's giving back to the motherland that can be through its people. It's celebrating and promoting the nation's identity with pride. No one could never uplift its country except its own citizens. Therefore, support our local, with a heart indeed!


Staysafe and Godbless everyone!💕 I miss Mang Inasal. Lol😂


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