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‘One Piece’ Finally Reaches Manga’s Final Arc

It’s been a long ride and it’s finally coming to an end–beloved manga One Piece is about to approach its final arc after 23 years!

It was announced in the Weekly Shonen Jump on an advertisement for the 10th volume of the One Piece Magazine to be released this September that the manga is officially “headed toward the upcoming final arc.” No other details were shared but we can be certain that it’s going to be one epic showdown!

The advertisement also asked fans to reread the manga from the beginning to prepare for what’s to come. And although we have been waiting for this fated day for years, we can’t deny that the thought of saying our goodbyes to Luffy and his colorful crew of Straw Hat Pirates is definitely going to hurt.

One Piece was first published in July 1997 and has since grown to become one of the most popular anime franchises in Japan. It has sold over 470 million copies worldwide, earning creator Eiichiro Oda the Guinness World Record Award for “the most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author” back in 2015.

It narrates the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who gained the supernatural powers of elasticity, and his quest for the “One Piece” treasure that will make him the next King of the Pirates.



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