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Mitsuba Soot

One of the main reasons why Hwang In-youp loves the Philippines so much😊

We are all aware that South Korean actor, model, and singer Hwang In-youp made his visit to the Philippines on June 19 at the New Frontier Theater for the first-ever Philippine fanmeet event, and during the press conference, he expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support he had received from the country, saying, "I wasn't expecting this kind of love. I'm thankful for this great love I have been receiving from the Philippines, which is especially close to my heart because this is a country I have lived in."

Since it is proven that Hwang In-youp spent his high school and college years living in Davao City, Philippines under the guise of Ryan Leon, it is for this reason that the country retains a very important place in his heart. He graduated from Philippine Woman's College of Davao with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in fashion design after attending Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School for high school.

Hwang still maintains in touch with the Filipino friends he made when he was here, despite his newfound fame. "I did spend 4 years living in Davao. My friends and I haven't spoken in 10 years, yet we remain in touch."  He added that some of them are currently working as academics and some are residing overseas.“I love Manila but Davao has a special place in my heart because I lived there.”