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Melanie Tagao

Of Being a Call Center Agent #MYFIRSTJOB #MYFIRST JOB

My good-old-days as a call center baby! 

I have spent twenty-two years of my life in the province of Isabela. (Yes! I came from the North! haha) I came to conquer the city with my big beautiful dreams - I told myself, "I'll start small, then, I'll teach very soon in well-known and/or international school! (I am a licensed professional teacher, by the way.) 

Cut it short, I wasn't just fortunate enough to get there. (I'll tell you why some other time.) 

Then I applied and was hired in an Inhouse Company. I was then very happy I landed on #myfirstjob! The salary is awesome! The account I used to work with is an international account. Training? No problem because everyone in the room got my back which is something that amazed me because I've heard a different story about call center agents! Since I am a "newbie", it seems like everyone is ready to assist me. Fast forward to the actual production floor: I will never forget a caller who cursed and insulted me just because he can't get what he wanted. I think it's the worst that I have ever heard in my life I almost lose control! The supervisor took over and I almost cried! People in my team are like: Welcome to the club! Then they're cheering on me! They encouraged me. They told me it's normal - 'just one of the not-so-good days'! They told me not to take it personally. (But the caller said "take it personally!" lol) 

I guess my take on this is that no matter how stressful your work is, no matter how heavy your responsibilities are if you are surrounded by loving and truly caring positive people, you can make it!

Three long years passed and I'm still laughing with people I came to know and became friends with from that Company.

At the end of the day, it wasn't the salary that makes you remember the company you had work with. It's the good laugh, the corny jokes, you and your crush on the elevator - it's all the memories! It's all about the people you work with. 

People- invest to and with them.