• Personal Stories

Lai Bella

Octo, The Persistent Stray Cat

As I was walking down the road, I noticed a huge pile of garbage with a moving...thing. I rummage through the pile of trash to see a tiny kitten. Probably around a month old. The poor kitten was left in the trash for who knows how long. I decided to take the kitten home. 

My parents were fine with it, as long as I potty trained her and took care of her. But there was a problem. She was VERY noisy. Despite being so small, her meows vibrated through our house. This made my parents hate her. They, unfortunately, brought her back to the pile of garbage. I was extremely furious but I couldn't do anything. I rummaged through the pile of garbage to at least feed her, but she wasn't there. I thought that was the end of it.

The next day, I heard the cry of the kitten. It turned out that she came back and slept in the engine under our car. My parents tried to get rid of her again but the kitten always found a way to come back. Eventually, my parents got tired and decided to let me keep her. We decided to name her "Octavious" or "Octo", because her meow was that of an octave. Octo became a lap kitten. She is now 6 months old and incredibly spoiled. You'd think my parents would ignore her, but no, they did a complete 360⁰ of their attitude. Now it seems like they love her more than me and my siblings.