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Leander Agcaoili

Notice it or not?

Psychology and guidance counseling programs are previously unnoticeable courses. Some or few are only taking this course. You are said to need a master's degree before you can take a board examination to become a Psychologist and Guidance Counselor. Other than that, these courses have often been overlooked when it comes to compensation, knowing that they have higher education. Moreover, they have parted also to play, apart from OUR Heroes (Allied Health Professionals ) when it comes to mental health issues brought by this pandemic COVID-19. These professionals are very helpful in campaigning for members and residents, educating decision-makers in the country to urgently resolve the particular needs of front-line health workers, and disseminating tools to encourage human well-being more generally solve their difficulties and burdens they face. Therefore, to end this pandemic, a joint effort is a must for each individual, hence NO EFFORT IS Futile whether it is large or small, because #wehealasone.