• Good News

Normalizing things during the pandemic

Most of us have probably made dalgona coffee while waiting for 'that' two weeks to be over then little did we know... it lasted for 6 months.

Now, following those trends such as cutting our bangs, dyeing our hair, baking, cooking and our guilty pleasure; learning TikTok dances, that allowed us to occupy our worries while we wait for everything to go back to normal and soon enough, some of us started to realize that we weren't going to have our 'old' normal back. So what do we do?

First of all, breathe. 

Just breathe.

Tackle your worries one step at a time.

Our days may have been passing by quicker than we expected but it is OKAY if you have not been working out like everyone has.

It's okay if you are keeping yourself occupied by working, studying

It's also okay if you haven't.

It's okay that you feel like having some time for yourself.



And until we get through this pandemic, you'll pick up your pace back again and you will be back on your track.