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Non-Native speakers can also be foreign-language teachers

Nowadays, online jobs are in-demand due to the pandemic; people are looking for a job that they can do at home, and one of these is becoming a foreign-language teacher. 

While I was browsing on Youtube, I stumbled upon this video entitled "Foreign-Language Teachers Shouldn't Have to be Native Speakers" by. Gina Elia. For me, it was hope. For those who are losing hope and thinking that "I can't do this," nor "I am not smart nor fluent".  Hence, If you have the experience or the teaching ability, you should go for it. Never lose hope. You can also be a teacher :) You can improve through the process. We all start from nothing and becoming excellent if we put effort into it, right? 

Watch this video to learn and to trust yourself more. 


  • Stefany Calma
    Aug 14, 2020 16:30
    Thank you for sharing your story! It was truly inspiring, I also thought of being a teacher too! May I have your time to view my story as well? Thank you so much! https://www.goodinfonet.com//goodnews/the-deep-sea