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Never Stop Shining!

As long as we are alive and live in our world, negativity and toxicity are always there within us or around us. With this blackness and indifference caused by the people who surround us, they will always want to rub out our glow and flare. They want to see us fall and get the same energy from them to also spread it to other people.

Well, we live in our world where being good and great, being efficient and effective, being humble and down to earth, and having good and respectful traits are all crimes and opposites for the toxic humanoids. To say it directly, they are toxic and envious of your fire and light.

They are envious because you are doing so well and great, and they will spread rumors like, "Oh, here's the sycophantic girl who's always with our boss." They are envious because you own the spotlight even though you are just doing your job, and being trustworthy and proficient as you can.

It is easy to fight back to them and give what they want, a brawl. However, this won't do anything good to you and might even tear your reputation and good intention. You can fight back without actually fighting back. Pray for that person to God. Our Heavenly Father will surely listen to you and will make His way to give you a solution. Might as well delete that person in your life to avoid negativity and toxicity.

As the saying goes, "Don't stop shining because someone is intimidated by your light." Let your fire and light shine! Let it glow! Never stop shining just because someone wants to let you down and is envious of you, but rather show them good things and positivity. However, always remember to be humble and not to brag or gasconade. Just like in the lyrics of Diamonds by Rihanna, "Shine bright like a Diamond."

- nekkooolai 🖤✨


  • Robbie Ferrer
    Nov 25, 2020 10:54
    Superb! Keep shiningg too✨