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Never Give Up

Last June 2020, I was so sad and felt so lost. My so called "best friend" just used me for her own business right after I built all of it and she made me her "business partner". And when it successfully gained a lot of good sales on the first week after launching she never came to me and talked to me ever, and that's the ending of our friendship. These came to my senses that in our almost 4 years of friendship as besties she never treated me as her "best" friend, she just used me. I questioned myself everyday that why every time I loved my friends so dearly, they would betray me for something that I don't deserve. I didn't deserve to be treated in such a hurtful way, asking myself 'why'.

Weeks later, I said that this will never be the reason why I should give up and that life must go on even if you don't have friends. This is where I came up with my cosmetic business which helps me get out of my comfort zone. I honestly don't know at first if this will work out but God never left me. He provided me, He helps me in every possible way that I couldn't imagine that I will get this far despite of this pandemic. I'm so thankful for my boyfriend as well for being my number one supporter since day 1. He somehow helped me finance to start my business, and he supported me all the way even if I didn't get a sales for a week. Sometimes I always felt down thinking, "do I still need to continue this?" but this reminds me that I shouldn't give up onto something that I love doing. Other friends didn't support me in this journey but that doesn't stopped me for continuing this. NEVER GIVE UP that today might not be great but there's always a tomorrow to be better. 


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