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Agatha De Borja

NASA's Perseverance rover has landed on Mars

      The good news is that such a historic landing has been made. NASA made it! February 18, 2021, is the official date of its landing on Mars. After a 300 million-mile-journey, it landed safely on the red planet.  The video that I posted above will show you how it all happened. According to the NASA YouTube video, the rover has to survive the harrowing final phase known as Entry, Descent, and Landing.

“These missions are hard—there are a lot of things that have to go right,” says JPL’s Jennifer Trosper, Perseverance’s deputy project manager. “There are no guarantees. That’s what makes it exciting.” 

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Source: national geographic
                NASA's YouTube Channel


  • Danika Maldonado
    Feb 19, 2021 07:49
    This is so great!!! I would love to hear more about it!!!