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What makes me happy? If I were asked that same question a year ago, I would have answer books or food or travel. I would have answered something that would make "me" happy for me. But everything changed for me this early on the year. My mom got sick (she's fine and recovering), although she will never be the way she was before - as healthy and strong. We have to take precautions and be very mindful of her health and of ours as well.

Having to think of the question now of what make me happy, I definitely found my answer this year and that is to know and see my family healthy - that is what would make me genuinely happy. I know, it sounds cringy - because it is for me because that's how I was changed by my current situation.

Right now, we are in huge debt to several people and to the hospital as well but I don't care and I just want to keep on pushing. Regardless of our financial situation, I am positive that we can get through this. What's more important for me is the health of everyone in the family.

Neglecting health has a lot of repercussions. Always always keep your health your number one priority. It will literally (and even not literally) make you happy.


  • You Totally Can
    Mar 17, 2021 16:54
    Everything is gonna be alright :) Just have faith in God and great times will come šŸ˜Š