• Good News

Agatha De Borja


What makes me happy? That’s a great question. There are several things that often cheer me up. However, there is one and only thing that makes me happy that helped me become more fulfilled. I don’t depend on happiness on material things and success. I’m already satisfied with who I already am. With this mindset, it has made my life easier. Once I knew my worth, more and more blessings have been amplified. I’m grateful for everything around me especially myself because I know that I’m a limitless operant power of my life. Therefore, this is the key to fulfill real happiness. It prevents all the self-sabotage, unfulfillment and other mental disorders. How about you? What makes you happy?


  • You Totally Can
    Mar 17, 2021 16:57
    I love your mindset telling that you are happy for who you are 😊
  • Mr. Everything News
    Mar 15, 2021 22:35