• Good News

Agatha De Borja


Some of the greatest fears were the following: fear of being rejected, fear of not making dreams come true, and fear of failure. Let's begin with the fear of rejection or abandonment. Growing up I have been a very outgoing kid. There is something about myself that I noticed. The older I grew, the more it became difficult to make friends. However, this happened for a real reason. It's all been a result of me having felt more worthless, shyer, and had lower self-esteem due to societal pressures and other awful past experiences. It has become to the point that I attracted bullying experiences into my life. As result, fear of rejection came into play. How did I overcome it? I completely changed my self-concept that I am worthy, I deserve success, and other powerful things about me. The fear became gone. Finally I have entered a new state and that is the key. After I have read self-help advice and books, the lesson has been that life is a mirror that reflects who the person is and what he/she thinks. Therefore, be careful about what you believe about yourself. Otherwise, your beliefs would reflect through other people in external circumstances. If you ever notice, there is an exact pattern that reflects how you think and feel about yourself for years. It happens that you encounter the same traits of people but with different faces. It was the exact same lesson when it comes to fear of failure and fear of not making dreams come true. I was able to overcome the fear of getting out of my comfort zone and learn how to deal with doubts. After gaining confidence, these two other fears were gone, and was able to do other things that I never thought I was capable of. Because I realized that everything in life was a mirror, I changed my self and literally change my own story. It broke the same pattern for many years of attracting unhealthy relationships and people calling me names. Sometimes these external changes may take time to show up but it works. Finally I have attracted healthy relationships and my life turned around for the better. I finally attracted some good success. If I were still in college, I have a feeling that I would have even improved my grades greatly. My relationship with my family and friends have also become smoother. Instead of being the effect of a past, learn to be a cause. 

"Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it" -Ernest Holmes

Photo Credit: Kat Jayne