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Juan Carlo

#MyFirstJob Hanap Buhay Hanap Patay

Many people are scared everytime they saw coffin. For some its a sign of death but for us its a way of living. 

During my college days wayback 2008 I always drop by at my uncle's funeral parlor. He always give me allowance everytime I work there. Most of the times I helped their staff in making coffin. They already got the molded shape and I just need to put handles and some old newspaper which will serve as the main bed filling. After that I will seal it with a cloth by puting nails around the coffin base. Lastly, I need to attach the glass for its cover. In this step I need to be extra careful because just one wrong move you will break the glass. 

This experience is quite unique coz I think not all students will have a chance to do way I did. Until now I always look back and forever be thankful to my uncle. Because of this job I graduated in college.

Jobs can be as exciting as you always want to be. But always find jobs that you love so you wount feel that you are working.

Keep safe everyone ! šŸ˜„