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JD Carmelo

#MyFirstJob as an IT Staff

Your first job experience often turns out to be the most memorable one because the lessons you learn mostly shape and equip you for the rest of your career journey from your first work mistake to your first salary

My first job taught me that you don't stop learning just because you graduated from school. You will never stop learning as your Superior or Trainer will give you various task to give you experience and develop some practical skill to help you on your Job. 

Although my Instructor was strict he taught me many things such as cabling, re-imaging, assembling and disassembling a PC. when there is a ticket for fixing an issue he will always have me accompany him to gain more experience and learn some method you cannot learn in school

My first job also taught me that hard work pays off because as long as you work hard and learn all your Superior taught you it will help you in your future to get a better salary