• Good News


	September 1, 2018. My 18th birthday came and the day I knew I should start evaluating my priorities and start doing something significant with my life. I promised to get myself a job when I turn 18. Any job will do as long as it will help me financially to send myself to college. I am receiving a full support from my family but I want the money that I will be using came from my own hard work. I looked for a job near our place so that I will have a better access to my workplace. Luckily, someone referred me to a known drug store in our town. I immediately went into their office and asked if they are still open for applicants. Fortunately, they are still looking for one applicant and asked if I am ready for the interview. Surprised, I gave the secretary a nod and she sent me to the owner of the drug store. They told me that they can see the determination with my answers to their questions so they immediately accepted me as a pharmacy clerk. 
	Eager to enter my first job, I went very early at work and did my training. I memorized the places of medicines from generic to their brand name and familiarized myself with their dosages. It is very draining because the pharmacy contains hundreds of medicines along with the syringe and other medical equipment. 
	The job may seem easy but as a newly hired pharmacy clerk who is still familiarizing with her work, the hard part is the way my workmates treated me. Because we have a quota of sales every month, each employee that gets 14,000 peso of sales in a month will be receiving an incentive. Some of my workmates treated me as their competitor. They made fun of me when I can’t see where a specific medicine is located to, they make stories about me that I gave a wrong medicine to a customer even though it did not happen, and they even put their name on my sales so that I will have low sales and won’t receive any incentives. All those things brought me to experience anxiety. I will go home from work at 11:00 pm because I am in charge of the night shift, pretending to my parents that I am doing fine with my work. I will spend the whole night thinking of the worst things I experienced for that day. Everyday fighting with depression, I always ended up crying on my own because I don’t want my loved ones to know that my work suffocates me.
	Even after all these things happened to me, I always get myself to stand and be brave to face the customers with smile on my face and give them the best service I could give. I give them advices based on the knowledge I learned with our pharmacist and be gentle with them when they are asking questions about their prescriptions. I pushed myself to read 20 pages of the meaning, uses and the do’s and don’ts of each medicine to give my customer the medicine they need everyday. 
	To everyone who is experiencing difficulty in their work, I just want to tell you that any job will be hard for you if you are just doing that for the money. Do your work because you knew that you’re helping someone, may it be your customer, your manager of even your workmate. You have to fight with your weakness and show everyone that no matter how hard they tried to bring you down. You will not be shaken because you have a strong foundation, and that is yourself and your family. Fight even harder on the days you feel hopeless. Soon, you will be the one telling your testimony to other people. 


  • Tace Mendoza
    Aug 24, 2020 23:35
    love you
  • Heidi Aurigue
    Aug 12, 2020 19:58
    Very inspiring story!!!