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Kenneth Tecson


Ever since I was in college I don't really want to be a corporate person or to have someone to boss me around but the world won't be on your side as always, so I had to struggle by choosing if I will be looking for a job or look for a client to feed my passion. This one is I think the hardest part of my life, being torn on choosing which weighs more.
One day I ran out of money, nothing! I have nothing but bills to pay and this has become an opportunity for me to push my self and to earn for a living as an Analyst on Accenture.

Being an Analyst on a most wanted company here in the Philippines will always be my pride, it has made me who I am today though I'm not part of it anymore. I was able to learn a lot of things, it molded my character, made incredible friendships and most importantly the discipline that I inherited from the company and its people.

If there is any advise I could give, I would say, your first job should not be your last, you should keep learning and growing, always be courageous in taking leaps because you will never know where it'll lead you and the best part? God will always be with you!

I quit my job and now trying to be the best of me by doing I love. Check the link!


    Sep 09, 2020 12:31
    the good work
    Sep 09, 2020 12:31