• Good News

Nicole Balonzo


As we all know, people always want to pursue a stable job after they graduate college. I, as a former communication student, one of my goals is to become part of a production team or company that specialize events. But fate did not give me what I wanted.

After I graduate college, I tried to focus on doing business. But as time passed by, my parents really want me to do an 8am-5pm job since they were not seeing any big result from my business. Luckily, the cityhall where I became an intern has offered me a job. To cut the long story short, I became as an Administrative Assistant which is too far from what I really want. But I believe that God has a reason why I landed as a government employee. My salary that time was not that big. I was paid 300 pesos per day equivalent to 6,000 pesos per month. But that job was really convenient for me especially when it comes to travel time, meaning, I still have time to do my business and personal errands. But suddenly, after a month, something has happened. I have to quit that job so I can take care of my sick father. I have to give up that job to focus on him.

Even it was just a short period time, I can say that I really enjoyed my first ever job. I have learned how to manage different kind of people, and I have learned how to do paperworks.

As of now, I am still looking for a job that I can enjoy. Though I already have a business, I am still looking for a job that will help me grow and gain more experience.

(photo from Pinterest)