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Hi! I just want to share my #FIRSTJOB
Alright, just a little background one of the reason why i need to find a job wayback 2016 its because of the financial reason, basically my father used to be an OFW in Saudi Arabia howver due to some medical issue he was decided to go back here in the Philippines. And that's actually a sign to me that i need to help my Parents to sustain our daily needs,since i am the Eldest. That was kinda hard for me since i was 18 yrs old by that time. But of ofcourse you need to Endure anything for your Family. So i tried to apply in TOY KINGDOM which has a branch in SM Bacoor, and luckily i was HIRED! I was so happy definelty, then moving forward i realized that it was not EASY to have this JOB since you really need to MULTI-TASK everything. From that point i realized that I WANT TO HAVE A HIGHER SALARY FOR MY FAMILY, so i took ENGLISH PROFICIENY and tried to apply in a BPO Industy/Call Centers and i was beyond GRATEFUL that i passed :) hehehehe. And the Rest is HISTORY ! Currently im still in the BPO Industry, and planning to be a ONE OF THE TEAM LEADERS SOMEDAY! And I KNOW I CAN. BECAUSE I TRUST MY SELF, I TRUST LORD AND I TRUST THE PROCESS!

This was just a very quick history to my First Job, but one thing is for sure HOWEVER SMALL THE JOB YOU HAS, WHATEVER THE AMOUNT THAT YOU HAS ON YOUR #FIRSTJOB, LET'S ALWAYS BE THANKFUL!