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My first job is being a paralegal. I worked in our city's local government legal department. I typed a lot of legal documents, mostly affidavit of loss and deed of absolute sale. 
I made a lot of affidavit of loss for lost IDs. Lost ID is very common that I make about 5 affidavits a day for lost IDs. For deed of sale, the most common is an affidavit for the sale of land. Did you know that the signing notary public can charge the seller of the parcel of land up to 1% of the selling price? That is a lot of money. Specially since all the notary public has to do is sign and read the affidavit. 
Working in the legal department is a lot of fun. You get to chat with the clients and most of the time they have interesting stories to tell. Working with lawyers is a lot of fun too. You get to be friends with them and they have several tips on how to protect your rights. Also, whenever you need legal advice, you can ask them for free. #myfirstjob