• Good News



There are so many popular poems in the world published by some famous authors that you could love and reflect on yourself but, the poem I love the most is from my best friend. She made this for me as a motivation that I am worth it. I should know my self-worth.
By: Abegail Acle

You are the great subject and predicate of this piece No matter how hard you are to decipher.
You are made of stardust and pieces of space debris Made of art, unfinished songs and spoken poetries.
The first time I laid my eyes on you closely, Cotton candy colored skies reflected in your eyes Your smile warm and bright like sunshine.
You are an art made of colors— forgive me for I couldn't paint you, but I can write about you.
I can write on how every color about you gave light to this pale room of mine.
I can write on how the colors within your voice as you express affirmation fills a simple day.
I can write on how you humbly say you're not handsome when you really are.
I can describe you as smart, nice and profound.
But darling you could be every fascinating adjective in the dictionary.
You might forget this poet, but forever treasure this piece.
So you'd always know how utterly wonderful you are in every way, day by day.
You are the splash of paint that completes an artwork.
Because I can write about you as a perfect definition of an art.
But no, you are not just an art, because you are— a masterpiece.