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"As children we believed, the grandest sight to see, was something lovely wrapped beneath our tree. But heaven only knows, that packages and bows, can never heal a hurting human soul." - My Grown Up Christmas List (song)

I first heard the song "My Grown Up Christmas List" back when I was a child from a TV show. During that time, I liked the song because of its tune. I liked the melody. I could not care much about the lyrics because as a child, I could not relate in any of it and all that matters to me every Christmas are the gifts, toys, clothes, and cash I could possibly receive. I am as selfish as a kid can be.

But as I grew older, hearing this song makes more sense to me, now that I am wiser and more selfless than I was before. This is my favorite Christmas song not just because of its tune but because of its message. Whenever I am asked what I want for Christmas, I find it really hard to think of something that I would like to receive, not because I have everything (which I don't) but because the things that I like becomes less material but more intangible like love, peace, health, and spending time with my loved ones.

I think, as the adult I am now, I can really relate to this song because now My Grown Up Christmas List are not really things that can be touched by the hands, but felt by the heart.

With all the things happening around us, this song gives me so much hope that someday there will be "no more lives torn apart, that wars will never start, and time would heal all hearts."

Above all, that is My Grown Up Christmas List.


  • Hot Mama
    Jan 21, 2021 14:55
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