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Agatha De Borja


         I know that some of you may be wondering about the image of the Disney castle. Let me explain what it has to do with this. Today I'm going to share my favorite Christmas song with you all. My go-to Christmas song is definitely "Here Comes Santa Claus." Does anybody know this song? Other classical Christmas songs may be just as popular. However, this one truly made my childhood. You will also hear this playlist sung by different singers anywhere you go. 

         It's my favorite Christmas song because either it has this catchy tune that cheers me up and gives me energy or I simply grew up with this song that has been sung by the Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy and more. It's hard to explain. It's either one or both of these reasons. Ever since I was born, my family bought this Disney Christmas CD which features Larry Groce and some of the classic Disney characters. The Disney version of the song has been one of the most played Christmas songs that I have heard ever since I was a toddler considering the CD has been playing all day at home. I rarely heard "Here Comes Santa Claus" playing outside of the home until around 10 to 12 years old but this time it was not sung by Disney. Looking back now I appreciate this song more especially with Disney. Whenever you hear this Disney version today, you can feel the goosebumps, how touching it is, and even feel the nostalgic memories that you could have with Disney. There might be some people today who have heard, listened to this version a long time ago, and still remember this. 

       There are simply no words to describe how the Disney version has impacted my childhood. It's beyond any statement that I could describe. "Here Comes Santa Claus" has been the first song to play from the Disney playlist before I have gotten to hear other songs next from the same album like "We Wish You A Merry Christmas", "Joy To The World", and more. Literally, their version of "Here Comes Santa Claus" has been the first one that I listened to. That's why every time I hear this song playing and when it is sung by regular people outside of Disney, I'd still think of Disney. In my opinion, no version of this song can compare to Disney. With Disney, it just sounds so classic. Above is the video of the version of "Here Comes Santa Claus" that I have been sharing about. After you try listening to this, you will probably understand why I found this song such a strong impact on my life.

Photo Credit: Magda Ehlers


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