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My Top 3 Favorite Local Brands and Businesses in the Philippines #SupportLocal #SUPPORTLOCAL

There are so many ways to support a local business. 
It can be by following them, sharing them to your friends and the best part is having to buy something to them. Local Business owners only have one special joy in their business and that is when you support them.

So here are my favorite Local Businesses in the Philippines that are truly worth buying for and worth supporting for! The following businesses has its own story of how they started their business and they are really inspiring!

1. Colourette Cosmetics 
IG: @colourette.cosmetics
- If you're a compact person who loves to bring few necessities when going out, well, this is for you! Check out their Multi-purpose Colourtints that has over 35 Shades that fits every skin tone! Yes, you read it right! Every. Skin. Tone. Whether you're a Morena, Chinita, Neutral, Fair or even the darkest shade of skin can match each shade of them! They have 3 types of lippies too and everyone can use it! They have their best-seller Multi-Purpose Colourtints, Their Velvetints and their new release for this year 2020, The Colourglaze which is a gloss lipstick that has a fine shine finish. 

What made me like colourette even more was when I heard the story of tis brand and its Owner Ms. Nina Cabrera. She was a college student when she started to do business because her family couldn't afford her tuition and she was a working-student who has been working while studying in order to pay her tuition fee. She didn't got to finish her college and decided to do business. Without hesitant, she started to re-sell fake products, and even rebranded products, but then Colourette came. Colourette became her endeavor in life and now she has even more blessings and that is her family. Because of her, a lot of people were really shocked and inspired on how she went from a struggling student to a successful owner, mother and a wife! 

2. Lovely Causemetics Official
IG: @lovelycausemetics
-Another cosmetic shop too, but different! The brand owner is Love Geniston (@lovelygeniston) who is an entrepreneur. What's different about her business is that what they earn from selling their products goes to a CAUSE! Yes! To a cause! They do outreach in unfrequented places in the Philippines! They do a show and giveaway goods to children and they do also donates some goods to families! 

Lovel Causemetics is also known for their Body Oil which are very good for summer or even when you're wearing something that shows off your beautiful flawless skin! The business also has their water tints which are really dainty and comely in the eyes of every skin tone! Love Causemetics also just launched their new product this 2020, their Hydra Lip Gloss which are really trendy right now! Asides from its stunning shades but these are also moisturizing to your lips and soothes out and soften your plumping lips. 

3. Pawssion Project
-I know this is not a business, but I just have to show this to you guys! Especially to those Dog Lovers! Pawssion project is a foundation to stray dogs ad abandoned dogs, they are being kept in a shelter where they are protected and being helped. A lot of people and celebrities too donated to this foundation. But that doesn't mean it's where they stop, Dogs are like human too, they consume food and water everyday and in this time of pandemic, they are also in need of help. 

I always check their account and see that they rescue stray dogs everyday and help them get a new home. They do not just keep dogs but they also advocate people o n helping any animals that are in need. This may be not a business but this is a foundation that we all need to support asides from itself being local but to learning to ourselves that we can do better not just by supporting them but by doing good actions. 

There goes my Top 3 Favorite Local Businesses, Brands and Foundation. 
I hope you guys check them out especially Number 3! 
Remember! Small Business are still businesses! Show Support to them and be a good friend that doesn't asks for discounts! They worked hard for it so work hard to too to make sure you support them! 

Let's all show to the whole world what Filipinos can do. Let us show them that Local Brands can match their Standards too! 



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