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Mikaela Ivy

My Takeaway: The Rain in España By 4reuminct (A.K.A Gwy Saludes)

Trust is a big word. But having trust without communication everything would fall apart. It is always important to talk after a storm. But also give time to the person you may or may not unintentionally hurt. As for the person being hurt, don’t let your emotions drive you. However, if things do not go as planned, be cautious and keep yourself away from hatred and grief. Forgiving and acceptance is a way to clear mind and heart’s past.

Here’s a little info and link about the Wattpad Book:
Synopsis: In a family of doctors, Kalix decided to take a different path and found himself studying Legal Management in Ateneo De Manila University. With a family pressure on him, he tried so hard to maintain his high grades as a Dean's Lister until Luna from UST Architecture came.

Copy Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/207648224-the-rain-in-espa%C3%B1a-university-series-1