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Mikaela Ivy

My Takeaway: Purple-Eyed Princess By Ms_Teria

Revenge is not the one that should prevail. Because revenge, is for the weak while acceptance is for the brave hearts and strongest ones. 

We may be strong on the outward, but we tend to be weak on the inside.

Here’s a little info and link about the Wattpad Book:
Synopsis: A girl that has a lot of names.The lady with different faces and a gangster known for ages.She's calm,fearless and ABNORMAL?! What will happen if the 'purple-eyed' girl meet the 'one of a kind' boy?Will SHE love his 'stupidity' or HE will fall in her 'abnormality'?

Copy Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/11466067-purple-eyed-princess-published-under-cloak-pop